Roller Shutter Maintenance Leicestershire

At Elite Industrial Doors Ltd we are a Safe Contractor Approved company based in Leicestershire. We have over 25 years of experience in roller shutter maintenance and repairs for your home or business in Leicestershire. A good maintenance regime can improve the lifespan of your roller shutters and make sure they last for many years. Avoid the big investment of replacing your roller shutters, when you can easily maintain them instead and keep them working in the condition for years to come.


Roller Shutter Repairs in Leicester

While roller shutters are a great addition to your home or business, you need regular roller shutter maintenance to keep them in top condition, ensure security, avoid injuries and make sure your belongings aren’t exposed to the elements.


Without regular upkeep several common issues can arise over time:

  • Mechanical Malfunctions: Components like springs, motors, and gears may wear out, leading to difficulties in opening or closing the shutter smoothly

  • Misalignment: Roller shutters can become misaligned if not properly maintained, causing them to get stuck, jammed, or operate unevenly

  • Sensor Problems: If your roller shutters are equipped with sensors, they can malfunction, affecting the shutter's responsiveness to obstacles or automated commands

  • Electrical Issues: Motorised roller shutters may experience electrical problems, such as wiring damage, which can disrupt their operation.

  • Lubrication and Maintenance: Without proper lubrication and routine roller shutter maintenance it can result in noisy, sluggish, or jerky movement of your doors

  • Physical Damage: Accidents, impacts, or vandalism can cause dents, bent slats, or damage to the shutter's structure

  • Rust and Corrosion: In areas with high humidity or moisture, metal parts can rust or corrode, leading to your roller shutters deteriorating

  • Remote Control Failures: Remote-controlled shutters might face signal interference or battery issues, affecting their remote operation

  • Worn Slats or Tracks: Over time, roller shutter slats can wear out, warp, or become damaged, hindering smooth movement along the tracks

  • Weather-related Problems: Extreme weather conditions, like heavy winds or storms, can strain the roller shutter's mechanisms, leading to malfunctions

  • Manual Operation Difficulties: Manual shutters might become hard to open or close due to the buildup of dirt, lack of lubrication, or aging components


Regular roller shutter maintenance, prompt repairs, and professional servicing can help prevent these issues or address them quickly, making sure your roller shutters function properly and are secure for the long term. Elite Industrial Doors have repair and maintenance options to suit your needs and with a super quick, mostly-same-day turnaround we can have your roller shutter doors repaired in no time.

Servicing and Repair for Leicester

At Elite Industrial Doors, we offer servicing and repairs that can take care of your roller shutters for many years. Regular roller shutter maintenance will ensure the smooth operation, safety, and longevity of the shutters. Some of the things our servicing includes:

  • Inspection: Carefully examining all components, including springs, hand chains, split links and more to identify any signs of wear, damage, misalignment, or other issues

  • Alignment Check: Ensuring there’s no lateral movement in the curtain to prevent jams and ensure smooth movement

  • Safety Assessment: Checking safety features like fixings, endlocks and overwind stops are intact and secure

  • Operational Tests: Conducting tests to verify that the shutter fully opens, closes, and locks smoothly, without any hitches or unusual noises

  • Lubrication: Greasing guide channels to reduce friction and promote smooth operation

  • Recommendations: We provide you with recommendations for necessary repairs, upgrades, or improvements to enhance the roller shutter's performance and longevity


While our roller shutters are extremely robust, in the rare event that something goes wrong, Elite can have it up and running again in no time - even same day! Let us put your mind at ease; contact us to find out which package is best for you.


Get in Touch with Elite Industrial Doors in Leicestershire

At Elite Industrial Doors we can maintain and repair your roller shutters for both home and business. We want to make sure you get the best from your roller shutters for the long term. If you’re looking for roller shutter repairs and maintenance in Leicestershire, get in touch with our specialist team of professionals. Call us on 01163480023or email ‚Äč

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