Steel Hinged Doors

Our range of steel hinged doors can be installed internally and externally and are becoming a common alternative to timber being used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications due to the material’s inherent strengths.

The fact that steel doesn’t warp, twist, rot or encourage the growth of mould or attract insects makes it an attractive material for use in the protection of buildings and their security.

Each of our doors from our range at Elite Industrial Doors are designed and manufactured to the exact specification of your door opening and can also include vision panels, louvers and access devices for a fully customisable option meaning that they can be used in but not limited to schools, hospitals, shopping centres, industrial units or even for roof access.

Whether you’re looking to use a steel hinged door for security purposes or as a fire door, our specialist team can advise you on the right type of industrial door for your requirements so that you get the maximum performance and functionality out of your purchase.

While we will fully install your product following its design and manufacture we can also offer an additional maintenance service to ensure optimum performance. Our service also extends to repairs to your existing steel hinged doors meaning that you can avoid the unnecessary costs of having a completely new door fitted.

If you want more information on our range of products, services and their customisation options then please do not hesitate contact us, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you further.