PVC Strip Curtains

If you are looking for a completely cost-conscious method of solving the problems of noise, draughts, spray, dust and fumes then our range of PVC strip curtains may well be your solution.

Allowing ease of access and complete transparency these curtains make for the perfect solution to two-way vision making the product safe for application in both the pedestrian and fork lift industries.

Guaranteed to reduce heat loss these industrial and commercial solutions have the following benefits:

  • Tailor-made meaning they will fit without any problems or dangers
  • Visibility in both directions so are less likely to cause accidents
  • Produce instant energy savings with their reduced heat loss from exposed building entrances
  • Easy to maintain with a wipe clean material
  • Strips are individually hung making them easy for replacement in cases of accidental damage
  • Improved productivity due to reduced operating times
  • Reduction of contamination levels

Each of our PVC strip curtains offer a speed doors option which for most companies who make controlling energy costs a top priority, offer excellent pay back periods meaning not only saved money but also a more comfortable working environment.

We will fully install, design and manufacture to your requirements will our comprehensive service which also offers a regular maintenance and repairs of your existing doors.

Contact us today to find out more about our PVC Strip Curtains and speed doors and how they can be applied in your commercial business.

We will aim to answer all queries and questions and advise where necessary.