Roller Garage Doors Leicestershire

At Elite Industrial Doors Ltd we are a Safe Contractor Approved company based in Leicestershire. We have over 25 years of experience supplying, installing and maintaining a variety of roller garage doors for your home in Leicestershire. Roller shutters are not only great for your garage, but also for your windows adding security and keeping your home cosy. These versatile shutters protect against break-ins and help save energy by blocking out extreme temperatures from your home.


Stylish Roller Garage Doors for Your Leicester Home

Investing in roller garage doors offers convenience, durability, security and style:

  • Unlike swing garage doors, roller garage doors use minimal space as they roll up vertically, giving you the most usable space both inside and outside your garage; you can park inches from the door and not risk damaging your vehicle or the door! They also have a remote-controlled option, removing the need to open a heavy garage door yourself

  • Their durable construction makes roller garage doors a sound investment that will last for the long term and won’t need to be replaced. Even if you do need help with upkeep, Elite offer maintenance and repairs support that can keep your doors in top shape for many years

  • These doors provide enhanced privacy and security; they’re a robust barrier against intruders and the elements because of their strong design and construction. Durable materials combined with secure locking systems make it difficult for intruders to force entry. Additionally, the tightly fitted design minimizes gaps that could let in drafts, rain, or debris

  • Roller garage doors come in a variety of designs, materials, and finishes to complement different architectural styles. Our experts want to find the right door that fits perfectly for you and your home


Manual and Electric Garage Doors Available

With lots of options to choose from, Elite Industrial Doors can always find the right roller garage door for your home in Leicestershire. Remote-controlled options take away the hassle of opening a heavy garage door, while manual doors are a great cost-effective choice that are simple to operate and maintain. Whether you want the quick and easy access of an electric roller garage door or the low-maintenance simplicity of a manual door, Elite has a great range of choices for you.

Roller garage doors from Elite also come in a range of different finishes and colours, letting you match the look of your house and reflect your own style. A well-chosen finish on your roller garage door will give your house great curb appeal! You can also select more durable finishes, or ones that require less cleaning, so that your garage door works practically for you.


Servicing and Repair for Leicester

At Elite Industrial Doors, we offer servicing and repairs that can take care of your doors for the long term. While our roller garage doors are extremely robust, in the rare event that something goes wrong with your roller garage door, Elite can have it up and running again in no time. Let us put your mind at ease; contact us to find out which package is best for you.


Get in Touch with Elite Industrial Doors

At Elite Industrial Doors we can supply, fit, maintain and repair your roller garage doors for both home and business. Whatever size your garage door is, we guarantee that we can make a roller shutter to fit and will work to your measurements and requirements while remaining within your budget. We’d love to use our extensive experience to help you find the right door for you. If you’re looking for roller garage doors in Leicestershire, get in touch with our specialist team of professionals. Call us on 0116 348 0023 or email


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